Making North America Move

The North American Center of Excellence for Transportation Equipment (NAmTrans) is a strategic subsidiary of the North Country Chamber of Commerce based in Plattsburgh, New York, and is dedicated to:

  • Serving the large and diverse cluster of over fifty Transportation Equipment and Aerospace manufacturers in the seven county North Country Region of New York State.
  • Building active working partnerships between this cluster and other Transportation Equipment and Aerospace clusters in New York State, Quebec, Ontario, and beyond.

Movement at the Center of Prosperity

The North Country Chamber of Commerce has led the way for 25 years in building upon the economic power of movement in two ways:

  • CORRIDORS - Maximizing the economic opportunities inherent in the historic and continuing integration of the U.S. and Canadian economies, creating several newly dominant, globally connected north-south commercial corridors. Our Quebec - New York Corridor from Montreal to New York City has emerged as "North America's most exciting new Bi-National economic region."
  • MAKING THE THINGS THAT MAKE THINGS MOVE - Seeing the strong emergence of this international corridor of commerce and investment, we have looked to Transportation Equipment & Aerospace as the region's great opportunity for the future, possessing a strong manufacturing culture and seeing the size and dynamism of this sector in neighboring Quebec and Ontario.

Today, we have one of the most diverse and innovative transportation clusters in the world, purposely built around four core sectors which stand alone in many places but enjoy special synergies through their shared location in our region: