General Composites Inc. Awarded FuzeHub Grant to Manufacture N95 Respirator Masks

Please join us in congratulating General Composites, Inc. as they were recently awarded funding through Fuzehub’s COVID-19 Manufacturing Grants Initiative for the production of N95 respirator masks.

Fuzehub launched this initiative to help New York State-based, small to medium-sized manufacturing companies quickly accelerate production of personal protective equipment (PPE) and respiratory care equipment.

With this funding, General Composites will work to convert its existing carbon fiber and composite thermoforming processing equipment to manufacture N95 respirator masks.

As we all know, PPE and respiratory care equipment has been in short-supply and high- demand. NAmTrans and the North Country Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize General Composites for their willingness to quickly pivot to the production of this life-saving equipment.

For more about the Fuzehub COVID-19 Manufacturing Grants Initiative, and for a full list of awardees, click here.

For more information about General Composites, click here.