Workforce Development

NAmTrans helps identify – through meetings, events, surveys, data, and more – the workforce needs of our cluster companies. NAmTrans is proud to partner with the following agencies and organizations to better prepare North Country employees for new and existing jobs.

  • North Country OneWorkSource Centers
    The OneWorkSource Centers of Clinton, Essex, Franklin and Hamilton Counties connect businesses, government, educational institutions, employees, and community organizations to create innovative workforce and education solutions.
    The OneWorkSource Centers provide employment-related services to local businesses and job seekers through partnerships across the region. Businesses are encouraged to contact the OneWorkSource Centers for employee location services, job training, and other support services. All services are free of charge.

    • New York State Department of Labor
      The New York State Department of Labor (NYS DOL) delivers services to job seekers and businesses statewide. For businesses, NYS DOL offers many services to help with  workforce needs including:
        • Customized Recruitments and Career Fairs
        • Hiring Incentives: Tax Credits
        • Workforce Intelligence
        • Apprenticeship Programs
        • Human Resource Consultation Services
        • Layoff Aversion Services

For those looking for employment opportunities, the NYS DOL Division of Employment & Workforce Solutions offers resume help, career guidance, job placement and referrals.

    • North Country Chamber of Commerce
      On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program

      The North Country Chamber of Commerce is one of only seven Chamber of Commerce On-the-Job-Training programs in the State for the New York State Department of Labor. This program helps North country businesses offset the cost of training new employees. For more information, contact Ashlie Ross at the Chamber, (518) 563-1000.