Stop looking for a job, and start a career!

Whether you're moving to the region or you've lived here for years, career opportunities are available in the transportation equipment and aerospace cluster. Employers are looking for engineers, managers, technicians, welders, CAM/CAD specialists, assemblers, procurement, HR, and more!

NAmTrans has partnered with our wonderful private employment services, who work with cluster companies like Nova Bus, Camso, and IEC Holden, to help you find your next career. We encourage you to contact them today!




Let Devon Sutton and Omar Infante of LC Drives and John Vermette of Spencer ARL explain the opportunities that exist!

Across the United States, manufacturing has experienced a resurgence and the North Country has strategically positioned itself to capitalize on this success.

Manufacturing, especially in the transportation equipment and aerospace cluster, has evolved - with innovative technologies like 3D printing, robotics, and automation. What does that mean? The industry and employers are growing, and they are looking for employees like you!

If you’re not sold yet, let Travis Boudreau of New York Air Brake tell you why the North Country is a great place to live, work, and play!

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